North Woods Village of Kalamazoo

Be Your Best Self - Get Coached to Success

Thursday, August 12th, 2021
5:00pm - 6:00pm

Presented by: Wendy Carrier, Midlife Coach

Want to be happy right now? What do you really want your life legacy to
be?  What is holding you back from your best life ever?
Join us as Wendy Carrier, helps coach you to live your best life possible,
no matter what season of life you find yourself navigating. It is possible to
set and achieve your biggest dreams and goals. Learn how to set big
goals, how to overcome obstacles in advance, and how to finally achieve
what you really want and establish a legacy that best fits your values. 

Wendy Carrier developed her approach to achieving success as she built
an eCommerce business and grew it to two million dollars in revenue while raising her four daughters.  She had to dream big and overcome many obstacles.  She believes in the power of goal setting and enjoys helping other people achieve their goals and live the lives of their dreams.

This is a Free Event.

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