North Woods Village of Kalamazoo

North Woods Village of Kalamazoo

Licensed Memory Care Assisted Living in Kalamazoo, MI

It all begins with the resident's life story

Every relationship we have with a resident at North Woods Village Memory Care of Kalamazoo, MI, begins with his or her life story. In short, we get to know our residents. We talk with families, ask questions, and learn about each individual's life. Most importantly, we listen. We learn about the family, the resident's profession, passions, interests, what they love to do, what inspires them, fulfills them, and makes them happy. We carry that information in our heads and our hearts, and that knowledge shapes everything we do for that resident.

Thus, knowing such personal information enables us to tailor our programming to each resident's individual tastes, interests, and abilities. As a result, our residents get to participate in their favorite hobbies, pastimes, and other pursuits that provide them with fulfillment, self-confidence, and pride.

As an example, if one of our residents loves to cook, we will develop and implement cooking activities. If another individual enjoys bird-watching, we will offer a bird-watching activity. Again, these specialized programs will be designed to promote success, emphasizing each individual's strengths and abilities, and fostering a sense of accomplishment.

"NEW DIRECTIONS"® Offered Exclusively at North Woods Village

Offered exclusively at North Woods Village communities, "NEW DIRECTIONS"® is our signature approach to memory care. With this approach, we can bring the most effective memory care to Kalamazoo, MI.

Personalized, Resident-Centered Care

No two residents with memory impairment experience the same challenges, needs, or symptoms. "NEW DIRECTIONS"® is a personalized, individualized, and resident-centered program. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. It is dynamic and able to change as our residents' needs change. Therefore, each person receives the ideal memory care treatment he or she needs to live as independently as possible.

Dedicated and Professional Staff trained in Memory Support

One of the hallmarks of "NEW DIRECTIONS"® is our specially trained staff. Our training programs go above and beyond what is typically required by other licensed communities. Likewise, our staff members are encouraged to get to know each resident on a personal basis. It's comforting to our residents to see familiar faces every day and build friendships they can count on.

We can have the most forward-thinking, progressive programs in the world, but unless we have the right people to implement those programs, they mean nothing. At North Woods Village of Kalamazoo, we know that our staff is essential to delivering the care, quality, and dignity our residents deserve. Therefore, we have carefully selected only the most appropriate, qualified individuals to provide that care.

Our team is comprised of nurses (featuring around-the-clock care with a nurse on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week), experienced, professional caregivers and support personnel who have all been trained in memory care.

A Community Designed with Purpose

North Woods Village of Kalamazoo has been designed, built, and decorated with the optimal blend of form and function. As a result, we offer our residents a warm, welcoming environment that feels like home. More importantly, our surroundings incorporate meaningful design elements that promote our residents' highest levels of independence and safety from gentle visual cues such as different colored walls to recognize separate areas. To more specific identifiers such as memory boxes filled with personal mementos outside each resident's private suite. To summarize, our community is designed to help residents find their way safely and independently.

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