Promoting Independence, Confidence and Happiness

The Wonder of “NEW DIRECTIONS”®

Smiling Senior Women and GranddaughterThrough our “NEW DIRECTIONS”® memory care program, each resident’s experience is unique. We create individual lifestyles based on what our residents can do, what they like to do and what brings them joy. We call it resident-centered care, and the difference it makes in each resident’s experience is amazing.

It all starts on day one! We begin each relationship with a new resident by learning his or her life story from family members. We discover who they really are, their joys, passions and interests. With that knowledge, we develop individualized programming that resonates with each resident. For example, if your loved one enjoys baking, we’ll create a baking program. If he loves to play cards, we’ll start a card club. The possibilities are as vast as our residents’ interests.

We offer a variety of programs and activities that are specifically developed for various stages of memory care. As a result, all of our residents can enjoy their days being involved and surrounded by friends, regardless of the level of support they require.

Comprehensive in scope and reach, “NEW DIRECTIONS”® provides each resident with all the dimensions of wellness – physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – and delivers confidence, peace of mind and support to their families.

A Lifestyle That’s Fulfilling, Engaging and Inspiring

Dignity and support. Independence and security. Fulfillment and reward. This is memory care as it should be. And it can be experienced at North Woods Village.

At North Woods Village, we believe that our residents deserve a lifestyle that is fulfilling, engaging and inspiring. But what defines one resident’s ideal lifestyle may not meet the desires of another.

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