2023 Veterans Affairs’ Aid & Attendance Benefits

ARE YOU A VETERAN? You may be a candidate for the VA’s Aid & Attendance Benefit.

As a licensed Assisted Living Memory Care community, North Woods Villages provides long-term care services which qualify for the Veterans Affairs’ Aid & Attendance Benefits.

2023 Veterans Benefits pay $1,432 – $2,642 monthly to Veterans and Spouses
• Surviving Spouse needs care $1,432
• Single Veteran needs care $2,229
• Married Veteran needs care $2,642
• Married Veteran with Spouse needs care $1,750
• Veteran and Spouse needs care $2,642

Do you have qualifying military service?
• World War II: Dec 7, 1941 – Dec 31, 1946
• Korean Conflict: June 27, 1950 – Jan 31, 1955
• Vietnam Era: Aug 5, 1964 – May 7, 1975
• Veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam between 11/1/55 – 8/4/64 are eligible.
• American Merchant Marines: Dec 7, 1941 – Aug 15, 1945
• Gulf War: Aug 2, 1990 – a future date to be set by law or presidential proclamation

How to know if you qualify?
There are four main criteria you need to qualify, the simplest way to determine if you qualify is to answer the question on this website: https://www.aidandattendance.com/elder-life/

How can I apply for the Veterans Affairs’ Aid & Attendance Benefit?
You can call the Veterans Affairs (VA) directly at 800-827-1000 and let them know you would like to apply for Aid & Attendance benefits, this is a free service through the VA. They will direct you to the application and answer your specific questions.

Alternatively, there are paid sites available that simplify the process and will help you complete the application online and guide you through the process. Residents have had success with this company: https://www.aidandattendance.com/elderlife-checkout/ It is important to understand that VA’s Aid & Attendance Benefits are retroactive. You must already be living in a senior living community and or receiving qualifying care to obtain the benefits. The VA will provide retroactive payments to cover costs already occurred once your application is processed and approved. If you need your VA benefits to be able to afford your move to North Woods Village, you may need to ask your family for financial help or apply for a bridge loan until your VA benefits arrive.