Bringing Hope to Those Feeling Hopeless

It has been said that just being there for someone can bring hope to what might seem like an otherwise hopeless situation. Caregivers of loved ones afflicted with Alzheimer’s or dementia can truly relate to this feeling as they often feel isolated, stressed, and completely alone. It wasn’t that long ago that families had limited resources to learn about Alzheimer’s. Until recently few communities like North Woods Village that were able to provide the care and support that these individuals need and do so in a dignified manner existed. 

Thankfully, our understanding of this disease has improved greatly as has the quality of resources available to families and those in need. With the development of purpose-built memory care communities such as North Woods Village and the advent of The Alzheimer’s Association ( and various other organizations like The National Institute on Aging ( ), and The American Academy of Neurology ( ), families and caregivers no longer need to feel that they have nowhere to turn and no way to get the education they need to understand what their loved one is experiencing. In addition, many communities now have resources such as educational seminars, support groups, and social workers that provide caregivers an opportunity to share their experiences and learn new coping mechanisms. 

If you are struggling with caring for a loved one and find yourself in need of support, please consider North Woods Village as a partner in your journey. We have the resources to help you and we would be honored if you would allow us the chance to do so. You are not alone and there are people that are trained and willing to help. For more information, please reach out to the Community Relations Director in your local North Woods Village community. If you cannot wait and you need immediate assistance, please call the 24/7 Alzheimer’s Disease Information and Support Line at 800.272.3900.