Cabin Fever Art Contest & Some Amazingly Talented Youth

North Woods Village loves to celebrate life. Music, arts and crafts and entertainment of all kinds fill our communities on a regular basis. It’s not unusual to see therapy dogs walking our halls or a musician playing blue grass.

However, due to our current social distancing environment, we have had to modify our activities program and visitor policy. While this protects our residents and staff from the risk of exposure to COVID-19, it does limit the amount of entertainment that we are able to share with our friends here at North Woods Village. To combat this, we have started the Cabin Fever Art Contest. This is a way for us to experience some of the wonderful talents that the young people in our community have to share while supporting and nurturing those wonderful skills.

The Cabin Fever Art Contest runs until April 10th and is open to those artists under the age of 18 years of age. Categories include pictures (paintings, drawings etc.), written works of art (poems, stories or letters), and visual works (dancing, singing, videos, etc.).

The winner of each category will win the love, admiration and appreciation of our residents and families AND, a $50 Amazon gift card! All submissions become the property of North Woods Village.

North Woods Village is still accepting submissions, however, we wanted to share this beautiful poem submitted by 12-year-old Aryaman Om Mishra titled “It Is Going to Be Alright.” A very fitting poem to capture this time in our history. Aryaman, thank you for thinking of your friends at North Woods Village. We look forward to sharing the work of our other talented artists in days to come!

For more information on how to enter, follow the links below:

North woods Village of Kalamazoo

North woods Village of Fort Wayne

North woods Village of Mishawaka