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Four Reasons to Move Your Loved One into North Woods Village

Sooner Rather than Later

Four Reasons to Move Your Loved One into North Woods Village:

Making the decision to move your loved one into a Memory Care Community is often a very difficult one. It is often hard to determine when the right time to make that move is, but there are downsides to waiting too long.

  • There is an increased likelihood of falls or other accidents at home. Falls are one of the biggest threats to seniors with dementia and once a fall occurs, their quality of life can rapidly decline. Tasks such as bathing, dressing or normal housework can become more difficult for those with dementia and can increase their risk for a fall. Waiting for a fall to happen is not ideal and can again affect their quality of life. North Woods Village provides 24-hour nursing staff that can assist with activities, daily living, and help to prevent falls.
  • Social isolation is a huge problem for people with dementia. Sitting at home alone is not good for anyone’s physical or mental health; even more so for people with dementia. However, when people move into North Woods Village, they have daily activities that enhance their quality of life. We have a beautiful secure courtyard to enable them to enjoy the outside. We go on weekly outings as well. Our activity calendar is carefully planned for those with dementia. Our person-centered programming tailors activities for each individual.
  • Nutrition is another huge factor in maintaining optimal physical and mental health. Our focus on nutritious meals and assistance in feeding means that moving them sooner rather than later is very meaningful. Many seniors with dementia don’t remember if or what they ate. When they are here at North Woods Village, we watch their nutrition very carefully. With home-like dining rooms and small groups in each neighborhood, our staff is there to make sure they are eating. We provide 3 chef-prepared meals each day and provide healthy snacks for our residents as well.
  • Improving and maintaining personal hygiene is another important factor in good health and affirming dignity. This factor alone is enough to consider moving your loved one sooner. Often, when people are living at home they don’t bathe regularly, change their clothes or even wash their clothes. North Woods Village provides scheduled showers or spa baths for your loved one. We also include laundry in our services as well.

Moving into a Memory Care Community is a transition, but if done sooner, while a person has more cognitive capability, it can be much easier. Many times, it’s harder on the families than it is on the person with dementia. Once someone moves into North Woods Village, we get them involved in things that they love to do, make sure they are eating properly and are well taken care of. This allows you to rest easier knowing that they are safe, secure and are living their best life.