Keeping our Residents and Team Members Safe – New North Woods Village Community Enhancements

A lot has changed in our communities during 2020 as we navigate through this global pandemic, including our approach to safe and healthy environments.  We have already modified our daily life and operations to support social distancing, increased handwashing, and sanitization of high touch surface areas. We have obtained a lot more PPE than we have ever used before!  In addition to following Federal and State guidelines, we are also looking for ways to go above and beyond to ensure a healthy living and work environment for our residents, staff, and families.

We have two new community enhancements we have implemented in recent weeks across all North Woods Village communities to help enhance our healthy lifestyle efforts and provide additional peace of mind.  Each community has installed iWave Air Purifiers into all our common area heating and cooling ventilation systems. This system utilizes needle point bi-polar ionization technology to clean and purify the air to reduce airborne microbials and odors which purifies air and surfaces. This purifying system will be running 24/7 to help keep our community safe from not only COVID-19 but other illnesses as well.

Additionally, we will be applying an enhanced round of viral and bacterial protection with the PermaSafe decontamination system as needed throughout our community including in our resident suites to disinfect and decontaminate exposed surface areas.  PermaSafe is an “EPA approved antimicrobial surface protectant”.  Its original intent was to disinfect auto interiors. As a result of the antimicrobial properties, it has quickly gained popularity in schools, daycares, universities, colleges, hospital operating rooms, etc. It works by utilizing a dry mist fogging technology containing atomized particles to reach into nooks and crevices to breakdown harmful pathogens and produces no harmful by-products.  In addition to being effective against up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses including the Novel Coronavirus, PermaSafe has many additional benefits:

  • Makes treated surfaces antimicrobial for several months
  • Eliminates allergens plus surface and airborne odors
  • Destroys mold and mildew and prevents regrowth
  • Sanitizes HVAC systems, components, and ductwork
  • Continuously purifies interior room air

We will continue to research and monitor new advances and technologies as they become available to be able to offer you the healthiest living and work environment possible for our residents and staff.