Memory Boxes and Why They are a Treasure

Memory boxes are an essential part of the Guiding, Caring, and Inspiring
philosophy we promote at North Woods Village. Many of our residents’ boxes
are in need of memories! Please bring in pictures, articles, small nick knacks,
etc. for the memory boxes when you come to visit. We utilize the memory
boxes as part of the care routine for your loved one. They are used when we
have our “resident of the day” recognition. We grab their memory box filled
with cards, photos, special memorabilia and reminiscence about family, trips,
pets, weddings, parties and maybe a game or book that is special. The memory
boxes can also help us reduce some anxiety our residents might feel as they
progress with their dementia.

Our residents have their own unique and special story to tell. Please help us learn
more about them.

by Renee Provost, NWV Edison Lakes Life Enrichment Director