Relief and Renewed Hope as North Woods Village Residents among the First Seniors to get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Relief and renewed hope is here at North Woods Village with the first Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic for residents and staff took place, January 18th and January 20th.  North Woods Village partnered with Walgreens to bring the Covid-19 vaccinations on site for the residents and staff. The clinics at North Woods Village will be followed by two more on-site clinics. The two follow-on clinics will be in February and in March spaced out by approximately 28 days, to accommodate follow-up shots for the Moderna vaccine.

Swift action and determination, focused on an abundance of caution, has been the muscle used by North Woods Village to combat the threat of Covid-19 from overtaking the health and safety of the communities. “We must commend all our Executive Directors and their teams for our successes to-date,” said Dane Slabaugh, managing member of the North Woods Village communities.  “Since we are licensed congregate facilities our residents are among the first to receive the vaccine. Everyone’s excitement is palpable; there is a buzz of excitement bubbling throughout the communities as the expectation of a return to normalcy for our residents and families is on the horizon,” he said. 

As soon as Covid-19 was designated as an airborne transmissible disease, North Woods Village invested immediately in air purification systems making a significant difference in ventilation and air quality, killing threatening organisms, as well as sterilizing and purifying the air continuously. Additional equipment and personal protective supplies added to the arsenal combatting the spread. Foggers were acquired that continue to be used in all building areas including in the residents’ suites and even staff vehicles. 

Implementing procedures such as daily temperatures of visitors, vendors and staff, using protective equipment properly, and monitoring for possible symptoms of Covid-19 stops spread. Staff knowledge of possible symptoms of Covid-19– when to stay home and what to report– have also proven how essential staff education is in prevention.  “Our teams are prepared to continue all efforts that held the virus largely at bay until we have been able to successfully reach the milestone of vaccination,” emphasized Slabaugh.

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